Tower defense gameTower defense game

Tower defense game

Discover the fascinating gaming world for all lovers of Tower Defense and Fantasy genre, an interactive multi-level game with modes for every taste – VeraTowers 2! To aim and to shoot is not enough to defend your tower. Upgrade the Archer, hire new warriors and increase their attack and defense level! Take a chance and complete your Army with multiracial warriors and towers. Attacking invaders do not have to conquer your tower at any cost. Increase your level of experience and get rewards! Watch the leaderboard and become the best!

Game mode


In a single-player survival mode you are going to lead the Human Army as an Archer and to meet with aggressive Orc Horde, fearless Undead Legion or other monster beings on various battlefield locations.


If you are already a good strategist enough, so you are welcome to match your strength with real online players in a competitive multi-player mode.


Different kinds of magic spells are available in the game. According to its intention, they can influence as your army, as your opponent`s one. Magic of the calling and support school grants additional abilities and fighting spirit to your army. In its turn, magic of the resistance school takes them out of the opponent`s army. The right combination of magic spells, as well as consistency in application of them during the battle can significantly strengthen the influence effect.