• Harlequin
  • If you suddenly happened to be on the circus arena with the wicked showmen, so you and your warriors are very unlucky. No one can escape Harlequin`s sharp eye, an ace in archery. The whoosh of her arrows has a stunning effect. Small area stunning effect.
  • Army:Circus
  • Attack:4
  • Attack radius:0
  • Critical chance:0
  • Freeze chance:0
circus_harlequin (archer)
bow_a_velocity50.00000000Angular velocity degrees/seconds
bow_min_angle-40.00000000Bow maximum up angle in degrees
bow_max_angle30.00000000Bow maximum down angle in degrees
max_arrows30.00000000Maximum weapon bullets-arrows count
attack4.00000000Base damage
reward_mod2.00000000Multiplier applied on gold and scores reward. So, killing by arrows you earn more
aim_offset_angle8.00000000Aim sprite rotation offset from the real shoot angle in degrees, initially specified for the left archer
aim_origin_x16.00000000Aim sprite origin-x in pixels. Initially specified for the left archer
aim_origin_y20.00000000Aim sprite origin-y in pixels
poison_radius0.00000000If greater than "0" - arrows will poison all units in radius (pixels)
resurrect_as_ally0.00000000Not resurrects unit killed by an arrow as ally. Only if there is ally undead unit of specified type
stun_radius50.00000000Radius of the stun effect in pixels
attack_radius0.00000000Default archer radius to attack enemies
attack_ally_radius0.00000000Default archer radius to attack ally. "0" - no friendly fire
freeze_chance0.00000000Default chance to freeze target in percents
arrow_fx0.00000000Function to use as a flying arrow effect on the client
arrow_contact_fx0.00000000Effect to use when arrow hits the warrior
critical_chance0.00000000Critical hit chance in percents