Game concepts

Warriors type

The type determines the role of the warrior in the battle, his abilities and properties.

Warriors role

Warriors have 3 basic roles: attack, defense and support.


A magic energy of the Player, that is accumulated after a while and is used for the application of magic spells.


The main game currency. The player can spend it on magic spells, towers, units. It can be earned for executing the game challenges - level increasing, victory.


The currency for buying units and upgrades during the battle. It can be earned for defeating enemy units and for in-battle events.


Groups of units, combined by race or by other criteria. Sometimes there are bonuses for a fully completed army.

Player`s level

Is increasing with the experience acquiring. Impacts on the opening of new magic spells, towers and units.


Are earned for battle achievements (defeating enemies). The more scores you get, the more experience you acquire.


Statistics is a leaderboard with Top-100 players with the highest scores for all time or for 30 days.


An ability to immobilize units for a while. When attacking a frozen unit can be split into small pieces.

Poison attack

By poison attack a unit suffers constant damage once per second. Some types of units have immunity to poison, for example Undead units.

Magic attack

Magic attack ignores the defense of the units, but does not work in the area of the Magic shield.

Physical attack

Damage by a cold weapon or by physical impact, can be reduced by the defense of the units.