• Trickster
  • Training to perform the most unimaginable things for years, Trickster has learned to move quickly on his handmade monocycle and can easily take your eye out with his rapier. Very high mobility.
  • Army:Circus
  • Attack:3
  • Defence:1
  • Health:5
  • Price:150
  • Reward:7
  • Tower damage:10
  • Velocity:135
circus_stuntman (ranker)
attack3.00000000Initial attack
health5.00000000Base health of Circus Ranker
price150.00000000Price to buy the unit in the upgrades window
reward7.00000000Gold and score reward when you eliminate enemy warrior
velocity135.00000000Movement velocity toward opposite tower
defence1.00000000Initial defence
dodge_chance15.00000000Chance to totally avoid another units physical attacks in percents