• Tyran
  • Tyran`s ruthlessness and willfulness have no limits. He slowly but surely moves through the battlefield and annihilates anything above grass.
  • Army:Circus
  • Attack:5
  • Defence:1
  • Health:8
  • Price:500
  • Reward:12
  • Tower damage:20
  • Velocity:40
  • Attack radius:5
circus_torturer (guardian)
attack_radius5.00000000Attack radius in pixels
defence1.00000000Initial defence
price500.00000000Price to buy the unit in the upgrades window
reward12.00000000Gold and score reward when you eliminate enemy warrior
velocity40.00000000Movement velocity toward opposite tower
health8.00000000Guardian initial health
attack5.00000000Initial damage
tower_damage20.00000000Damage tower when he enters
attack_duration700.00000000Melee attack duration in milliseconds