• Greenmog
  • The spirit raven, the symbol of mystical healing, helps Greenmog to predict the death of his battle brothers, to warn them, that gives a chance to prevent it for a while. Increase attack level for surrounding allies (+1 per 3 seс.)
  • Army:Elite orcs
  • Attack:0
  • Defence:0
  • Health:5
  • Price:800
  • Reward:12
  • Tower damage:50
  • Velocity:50
orc_greemog (healer)
heal_radius150.00000000All ally warriors within this radius in pixels will be affected
heal_value0.00000000This priest doesn't heal
buff_attack1.00000000Attack of all the units in area will be increased by this value
heal_rollback3000.00000000Special ability rollback in milliseconds
price800.00000000Price to buy the unit in the upgrades window
reward12.00000000Gold and score reward when you eliminate enemy warrior