• Arcan
  • Arcan – a hunter of Elite Orc Horde, who was once in the clutches of the wild beast, built his bow out of robe and rib. Now he keeps his lands under supervision. Poison arrows (small area gradual damage 1).
  • Army:Elite orcs
  • Attack:3
  • Attack radius:0
  • Critical chance:0
  • Freeze chance:0
orcs_oruck (archer)
bow_a_velocity50.00000000Angular velocity degrees/seconds
bow_min_angle-40.00000000Bow maximum up angle in degrees
bow_max_angle30.00000000Bow maximum down angle in degrees
max_arrows30.00000000Maximum weapon bullets-arrows count
attack3.00000000Base attack
reward_mod2.00000000Multiplier applied on gold and scores reward. So, killing by arrows you earn more
aim_offset_angle8.00000000Aim sprite rotation offset from the real shoot angle in degrees, initially specified for the left archer
aim_origin_x16.00000000Aim sprite origin-x in pixels. Initially specified for the left archer
aim_origin_y20.00000000Aim sprite origin-y in pixels
poison_radius50.00000000If greater than "0" - arrows will poison all units in radius (pixels)
resurrect_as_ally0.00000000Not resurrects unit killed by an arrow as ally. Only if there is ally undead unit of specified type
stun_radius0.00000000Default archer stun radius in pixels
attack_radius0.00000000Default archer radius to attack enemies
attack_ally_radius0.00000000Default archer radius to attack ally. "0" - no friendly fire
freeze_chance0.00000000Default chance to freeze target in percents
arrow_fx0.00000000Function to use as a flying arrow effect on the client
arrow_contact_fx0.00000000Effect to use when arrow hits the warrior
critical_chance0.00000000Critical hit chance in percents
fire_rate3500.00000000Base delay between shots