• Titan
  • Only a small part of the warriors from Orc Horde live to a gray beard. Titan has adapted to survive on the battlefield thanks to his vitality and a large strong shield.
  • Army:Orcs
  • Attack:5
  • Defence:1
  • Health:10
  • Price:350
  • Reward:10
  • Tower damage:20
  • Velocity:40
orc_titan (guardian)
velocity40.00000000Movement velocity toward opposite tower
health10.00000000Base health of Orc default Guardian
attack5.00000000Initial damage
defence1.00000000Base defence of Orc default Guardian
tower_damage20.00000000Damage tower when he enters
reward10.00000000Gold and score reward when you eliminate enemy warrior
price350.00000000Price to buy the unit in the upgrades window
attack_duration700.00000000Melee attack duration in milliseconds