• Warlock
  • Warlock, a warrior of Orc Horde, who knows the magic of filth, a formidable opponent for the large clusters of the enemy. Magic orb (area damage 1, defence ignore), teleportation.
  • Army:Orcs
  • Attack:2
  • Defence:0
  • Health:6
  • Price:400
  • Reward:9
  • Tower damage:20
  • Velocity:50
orc_warlock (mage)
velocity50.00000000Movement velocity toward opposite tower
health6.00000000Initial health
attack2.00000000Initial damage
defence0.00000000Initial defence
tower_damage20.00000000Damage tower when he enters
reward9.00000000Gold and score reward when you eliminate enemy warrior
price400.00000000Price to buy the unit in the upgrades window
a_ability_tc10000.00000000Attacking ability time cast (ms)
d_ability_tc10000.00000000Defence ability time cast (ms)
projectile_speed600.00000000Projectile-bullet speed in pixels/sec
fire_rate4000.00000000Minimum delay between shots in milliseconds
angle_variance0.00000000Projectiles angle variance in degrees
projectile_offset_x20.00000000Projectile horizontal offset from the center of the mage sprite
projectile_offset_y0.00000000Projectile vertical offset from the center of the mage sprite
projectile_gravity600.00000000Gravity applied to the mage's projectile
projectile_angle-50.00000000Angle in degrees at which mage will fire projectile
explosion_z80.00000000Z-index of the fireball explosion
explosion_radius120.00000000Radius of the mage fireball explosion in pixels
explosion_damage1.00000000Fireball explosion damage. Ignores defence
fire_animation_time1000.00000000Full length of fire animation in milliseconds with pause at the end if needed. Must be greater than "fire_after"
fire_after700.00000000Mage will fire projectile after this time in milliseconds, even if animation doesn't ended
attack_duration500.00000000Melee attack duration in milliseconds
teleport_rollback20000.00000000Minimum time between teleports in milliseconds
teleport_health3.00000000Teleport only if heath lesser or equal to this value
teleport_in_anim_time450.00000000Teleport "in" animation duration in milliseconds
teleport_out_anim_time700.00000000Teleport "out" animation duration in milliseconds
teleport_distance350.00000000Teleport distance in pixels
rush_distance50.00000000Distance in pixels to enemy tower, when mage tries to get to it without teleport