• Ice Maiden
  • Ice Maiden, the Icebeard`s granddaughter, is coming out to assist him. Despite her beauty, her eyes can draw everyone who meets in her way into ice stone and break into small pieces. Adds 20% chance to freeze nearest enemies by any friendly unit or archer. Can be stacked.
  • Army:Snowman
  • Attack:0
  • Defence:0
  • Health:5
  • Price:350
  • Reward:10
  • Tower damage:50
  • Velocity:50
snowman_ice_maiden (healer)
buff_freeze20.00000000Number of percents to add to the freeze ability against the unit inside area of effect
heal_value0.00000000How much health points will be healed
heal_radius300.00000000Radius of the freeze buff in pixels
price350.00000000Price to buy the unit in the upgrades window