• Reaper
  • Reaper is a rapid and harmful henchman of the Undead Legion. With his twin sickles he brings pain and suffering to the enemies, slicing them into small pieces. Fighting mood, immunity to poison.
  • Army:Undead
  • Attack:3
  • Defence:0
  • Health:5
  • Price:150
  • Reward:6
  • Tower damage:10
  • Velocity:80
  • Poison immunity:1
  • Stun immunity:1
undead_assassin (assassin)
velocity80.00000000Movement velocity toward opposite tower
health5.00000000Base health of Undead default Assassin
attack3.00000000Initial damage
defence0.00000000Initial defence
tower_damage10.00000000Damage tower when he enters
reward6.00000000Gold and score reward when you eliminate enemy warrior
price150.00000000Price to buy the unit in the upgrades window
attack_duration370.00000000Melee attack duration in milliseconds
rush_distance500.00000000Rush attack distance in pixels
rush_velocity240.00000000Rush attack velocity in pixels per second
rush_rollback10000.00000000Minimum time between rushes in milliseconds
rush_damage3.00000000Damage during rush attack
poison_immunity1.00000000If the unit has immunity against the poison or not
stun_immunity1.00000000If the unit has immunity against the stun effect or not